See what our students and teachers are saying about musico south

MusicoSouth helped us find music teachers (cello and guitar) for our two children aged 10 and 7 and what a great service. Not only did they save us the hassle of having to find music teachers ourselves and seek recommendations, they match the individual needs and personalities of our children to the teachers they recommend. Both teachers are really great, they are also very different. The kids love their music lessons and I am sure this is as much because they love their teachers as it is because of their love for the music or instruments. What a great service!
— Anna, East Dulwich
Musico South has provided us with an excellent service and have found our five year old daughter the perfect piano teacher; just right for her. Our daughter loves her piano lessons and we couldn’t be happier. I would wholeheartedly recommend Musico South to anyone interested in finding the right music teacher whatever their needs.
— Maniza, Tooting
As someone who tried to learn instruments as a child and really got no where, I was a nervous and apprehensive adult learner. But I’ve passed now my grade 5 practical and theory exams, and am working towards grade 7. My confidence has grown and I feel like I want to continue learning music for a long time to come. Managing payments has always been really straightforward, and lesson timings have been flexible to fit around my erratic work timetable. I would highly recommend the service to anyone, of any age, who wants to discover how musical they can be.
— Sophie, Balham
When trying to find a piano teacher for my youngest daughter, using musico south saved me tonnes of time searching around. They came to my house and talked with us both about what we were looking for and then found the perfect teacher. We are so happy with the service that we are all now thinking of having lessons!
— Jane, Streatham
I don’t know why I delayed having lessons as I had been thinking about learning to play an instrument for several years. Organising lessons was easy and the teachers they’ve found are great, professional and happy to tailor lessons to your requests and requirements.
— James, Bermondsey
I have been delighted with Musico South. Emma visited at our home, met our daughter and discussed our needs. She then suggested a flute teacher who has exceeded all our expectations - our daughter is very comfortable with him as he makes the lessons fun and because of this she has progressed very quickly. We have had a very positive experience using Musico South and would definitely recommend.
— Alison, East Dulwich
Musico South has been incredibly helpful finding me teachers for both my children. The teachers have been excellent quality and the rates no more expensive than if I had found them independently. A really worthwhile service.
— Miranda, Forest Hill
We had our first lesson with Victoria today and we are delighted so far. My daughter really enjoyed the lesson, we covered more than I thought possible, and Victoria’s enthusiasm is great. Thanks again for setting everything up.
— Siobhan, Dulwich
Musico South is the most empathetic, efficient, inspired teaching service I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside. Emma is a master at making you feel like you are her top priority which makes my job a lot easier.
— Nat, piano, guitar & ukulele
Musico South help me establish a healthy professional relationship with prospective pupils. They are reliable and supportive.
— Joe, guitar & bass guitar
Musico South has been a fantastic service from start to finish. After an inital meeting with Emma, everything has run smoothly. Musico offers flexbility for the teacher and students to arrange lesson times and removes any awkwardness of payment. There is also bank of musicians who are more than willing to share teaching tips and advice. Emma is easy to contact, quick to respond, and always extremely helpful. I have found Musico South great from the very beginning and I regularly recommend them to fellow tutors.
— Sarah, brass & piano
Musico South has been great at matching me with suitable pupils and finding a timetable to suit me and them. After working for a few other teaching organisations it is refreshing to work with Musico South with happy pupils and happy teachers!
— Julia, cello & piano

"We met Ed yesterday and Apostolos was really happy - beyond my wildest expectations; he can't wait for his next guitar lesson! Thank you very much for recommending him."

- Dimitris, Peckham

"Everything is going extremely well with drums, piano and cello. Erin and Tadhg are both really happy with Molly and Naomi, so it's all brilliant.

Thanks so much for finding them for us."

 - Heidi, Clapham

"By the way I have to tell you that we’re so happy you found Teresa  - she is so sensitive and kind and witty - she may actually be perfect!"  

- Hilary, Dulwich

"We are loving our lessons with CN - having a teacher come to the house makes life so much easier, and the fact that we can do both piano and singing makes all three of us very happy.  My son is really getting to grips with the keys, my daughter has just taken her first singing exam and is loving it, and I have started singing again after years of not having confidence.  CN makes the lessons fun, informative and really enjoyable." 

- Sophie, Clapham

"Joshua passed his grade 6 trumpet with distinction (130)!  He's over the moon, and we couldn't be more pleased.  Thank you so much, Emma, for finding Jack - he has turned out to be a fantastic teacher for Josh and such a nice person too!  Likewise Ed, who is also a fantastic teacher and all round great guy, and helped Josh score 16 marks out of 18 for the aural test component."

- Judith, Anerley

"I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated the service you offer. After several years of struggling to find suitable teachers and fit lessons in, it was fantastic to have all that sorted for me, to have the teachers come to us and to have such lovely teachers. 

"Emily has been absolutely fantastic with Toby and he is now a happy violin player with his grade III pass under his belt and the confidence to try new things on his instrument."

- Siobhan, East Sheen

"I just wanted to write to let you know how happy we are with Joe. He is always so positive and so great at finding out specifically what interests us, and moving us in that direction. If Gaia seems to be getting excited in a way that is maybe off-topic, he meets her there and allows her to play and discover and find her way back to learning. He's really quite a remarkable teacher. Thanks for putting us in touch."

- Phoebe, Penge 

"Thanks very much for putting Gam in touch with us.  You run a great service which I will recommend to everyone."

- Penny, East Dulwich

"We are so happy with Leon, so thank you very much for putting us together."

- Sally, Battersea